Sunday, November 13, 2016

Women Protesting Hillary Loss

The US population, & that includes the so-called "liberals" are being led around by the nose by MSNBC,CNN just like FoxNews viewers have been for years. I suggest turning it off.

I'm sorry but the outrage about Hillary the woman not winning is so sad & how do we tell our daughters is false outrage. Hillary didn't lose b/c she's a woman. Boo-hoo we didn't shatter the glass ceiling BECAUSE she was an awful candidate. REAL feminism doesn't USE their gender to attack or manipulate people.

Hillary Clinton lost my vote in Oct 2015 when she FALSELY accused Bernie Sanders of sexism. WAKE UP AMERICA, YOU'VE BEEN PLAYED. Hillary Clinton is as much of a bully as Trump. He is the loud mouthed boy on the playground. She is the catty girl stepping on others & backstabbing other girls all while fooling, manipulating even the teachers & some of the parents. Give me a fucking break.
Sorry but yes we are angry Trump won the white house. Hillary Clinton & the DEMOCRATS are responsible for this. Until they and the OBVIOUSLY biased media look at themselves & figure this out &admit it, they will continue to lose. 

Empowering movie Missrepresentation: I've known about this  for years but I don't think anywhere in that movie it suggests using your gender as a weapon. I stand by Susan Sarandon in that I don't vote with my vagina. True equality for women is DAMAGED by what Hillary Clinton has done. Judging someone by their character, not what's between their legs, is ACTUAL gender equality. Turn the idiot box off America. Stop being told what to be outraged about. I hope that one day the "glass ceiling" is shattered by someone with integrity & BALLS (figuratively speaking off course & by btw it is also false outrage to be offended by language like that) Tulsi Gabbard has balls. She told the DNC no thank you. She was in actual war! Saw friends die & therefore said no, I cannot support Hillary Clinton & her regime change wars. Thank you Tulsi Gabbard. You would be a wonderful first female president. Someone my daughters could truly look up to.